I’m not your average designer. Of course I geek out over fonts and drool over perfected minimalism with the rest of them, but I am also a story teller, an illustrator, a science nerd. I think in pictures while following analytical thought processes. I love the challenge of solving problems in fresh new ways, looking for solutions the way one looks at a sculpture in the round. I am a jack-of-all trades, a perpetual student with a hunger to learn and a chronic desire to overachieve. I want to design, I want to inspire, I want to move people. I’m not the designer who just pushes elements around on the page--I’m the multi-faceted designer who grabs an idea, puts my finger to its pulse and brings its story to life.


Expressive face maker, animal enthusiast, cat herder, lover of wit, puns, and baby goats, fan of psychology and neurology, regular enjoyer of reading, Dungeons & Dragons, petting other people’s dogs, science jokes, literary references, karaoke and wine, peruser of craft fairs and collector of small knick knacks.


Kelly Owen
Graphic Designer, Illustrator | 585.797.4143